Eat - Shop - Live Local


Join HIBA!

We are in the midst of our 2019 HUDSON INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (HIBA) membership drive and are hoping you will consider membership.  Our goal as an organization is to encourage community members to eat, shop, and play at our many independent, unique businesses and organizations.

We are excited to be starting our tenth year as a sub-committee of the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau.  As local independents, we believe that the message….support independently owned businesses…is very important to the life of the Hudson community.  We also believe that it is important to keep it simple…lay out a plan for the year and work the plan.


  • Print and online advertising naming all members of HIBA and consistently promoting the notion of “eat, shop and play” locally
  • Advertising opportunities for individual businesses at discounted rates
  • Creation and distribution of marketing materials such as:  posters, decals, postcards, shopping bags, and other items that will communicate the message
  • Speakers and/or promotional campaigns regarding community economic sustainability and the benefit of playing to the “local advantage”
  • Holiday advertising and promotions that help keep dollars circulating within our community instead of the malls and cyber space
  • Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations in our community to raise awareness and funds.
  • Other initiatives as the budget allows and as ideas come our way


Full business membership. ($250.00)

 Non-profit Organization membership. ($100.00)